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What is loan consolidation?

Loan consolidation is a consolidation of multiple loans into one. It is used to streamline and more easily repay multiple loans. In addition, you can save significant savings with loan consolidation. 

Loan consolidation is still a relatively new product on the credit market and has not yet been seen by many. At the same time, it is a very simple and effective solution to make the household budget easier and to save considerable money. It is quite common for a household to have more loans and credits with different repayments, with different interest rates, with different repayment periods, and also with different monthly installments. Loan consolidation becomes one of all these loans. In addition, with a well-chosen repayment period, you can easily reach the lower amount you overpay.

Why use loan consolidation

Why use loan consolidation

Nowadays, almost every household has a loan or loan. Often such loans are far more than one, and most of them are disadvantageous. In this case, consolidating loans can save you a lot of worries, lighten your family budget, and reduce your total repayment costs.

After consolidating loans, you can reach a lower interest rate than the original loans. The monthly payment can thus be significantly lower after consolidation. There will also be a lot of fees associated with managing multiple loans and repaying them, because after consolidation you only pay one credit. It is also possible to adjust the total repayment period, thus influencing both the amount of the monthly repayment and the cost of the entire loan.

What is needed to handle loan consolidation

What is needed to handle loan consolidation

If you are considering consolidating your existing loans and credits, it is very important that you have been able to repay them so far. If you have had a problem with repayment in the past, the bank is likely to reject your consolidation request.

However, if your payment history is correct, there is nothing complicated to handle consolidation. Most banks require only two valid identity cards (identity and driving licenses, passports or birth certificates), proof of income, and all contracts and loan documentation that you wish to consolidate.

It also depends on what loans and credits you want to consolidate. Banks normally consolidate all consumer loans, whether bank or non-bank. It is often possible to consolidate overdrafts and credit card loans.

“Loan consolidation is a big help for today, when almost every household has several loans and credits. I believe that over time, many people will learn to use it.”

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